Customer Needs

In line with our Vision and Mission statement, we believe that our clients would be looking for a firm of professional accountants who:

  • Have a good understanding of the client’s industry
  • Understand legal issues that govern taxation of their business
  • Understand the challenges of growing organizations
  • Will understand and seek to understand client’s goals, strategies and concerns
  • Can demonstrate an intelligent appreciation of the key issues facing the company
  • Can identify areas of management concern and work as a team with client’s staff in dealing with those concerns
  • Have the experience and commitment to act, not simply as auditors and tax consultants, but as advisers and partners in the organizational challenges faced by the client
  • Can provide quality and timely service that make a difference to business at a competitive price
  • Can give opinion not only on how the revenue has been spent but also on how the base can be widened
  • Can advise on how the board, management and staff can build on the existing effectiveness in the provision of her services.

Kamani & Associates will be in a position to deliver on all these requirements as per our clients’ expectations.

Audit and Assurance

We believe that people engage and pay for services they value. Our audit and assurance business has continued in the upward direction because we plan and deliver it to contribute to the development and growth of the clients’ business, mainly through improved business processes.


Tax compliance and consulting

We recognize and appreciate the difficulties encountered by our valued clients in this area. We have a well staffed statutory compliance unit to assist our clients in scaling down taxation related challenges. We further understand that it is not all about compliance, but ensuring we minimize your tax liability within the tax laws and regulations. We help you in tax planning.


Business Development Advisory

When circumstances demand, we shall possibly have ideas to share with you in finding solutions. We have good and practical ideas and experience on:

  • Advising on business performance and improvements
  • Developing practical financial modules for planning, control and monitoring
  • Carrying out due diligence as required
  • Reading and interpreting the financial and management accounts for busy shareholders and board members

Outsourced services

The global trend is to outsource non-core yet important business activities. Below are some of the activities that we have identified as belonging in this category;

  • Book-keeping
  • Accountancy
  • Payroll management and staff recruitment
  • Budgeting and cash flow projections
  • Risk management training and internal audits
  • Financial projections

At our firm these services which we provide on outsourced basis are heavily patronized by small and medium enterprises. We ensure that our clients’ understand, know and trust us. We establish a flawless link between the outputs of our services and daily business routines to ensure smooth business operation.

Training for Business Services

Our training Manual

There are eight training modules in this training manual. Three more are being developed and it is anticipated that they will be on offer to clients in the next three months.

The design of the manual is such that a client need not take all the modules at one sitting, but can prioritize and take them in whatever order and at whatever time that is convenient to the organization.

The modules deal in various topics that include Book keeping, Accounts and Finance amongst many others.

About Us

Kamani and Associates has a multi disciplinary team of professionals who combine their knowledge and experience to provide business solutions which enhance profitability to their clients.

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